If there is one constant in the history of Scheffknecht, then it is a consistent orientation toward the future and a focus on customer requests. From its founding to today, everything revolves around values such as proximity to the customer, a zeal for innovation as well as an awareness for rensponsbility and tradition. And therefore, the history of Scheffknecht is also the history of a forward-looking family company which has always been dedicated to the future, despite its long traditions.


Learning from history - we have done for over 80 years. Because, among other things, this is the total of much experience gained, upon which the immense Scheffknecht know-how for thefuture is based.



Eduard Scheffknecht founded a hauling company. In the beginning, goods of all kinds were transported with horse-drawn power



Founding of the international shipping company Scheffknecht Transporte Ges.mbH. Partners Werner and Walter Scheffknecht and General Manager Egon Gassner managed the company. This year, the business divisions sea and air freight as well as truck transport services were formed and established. At the same time, a branch office was founded in Hamburg.



Scheffknecht was designated a IATA agent.



A new operations facility was acquired on Bahnhofsstrasse, Lustenau. This was accompanied by the addition of staff and the expansion of truck transport services.



The company showed continuous growth. 25 employees were working in Lustenau and the fleet included 12 vehicles.



Founding of the branch office in St.Gallen, Switzerland. The purpose is the handling of the courier service, logistics, warehousing, customs formalities as well as the organisation and handling of air freight.



The space reserves on Bahnhofstrasse were used up – This made the acquisition of the new operating facility on Lustenau's Hagstrasse necessary. By this time, Scheffknecht had 60 employees. Truck transports to all of Europe as well as global air and sea freight are offered.



Werner Scheffknecht transferred his function as a shareholder to his son Lothar Scheffknecht.



With Systempo, a 24-hour transport system with shipment tracking via the Internet, a new, future-oriented technology was introduced at Scheffknecht.



Barbara Scheffknecht-Iser took over management of the company along with Lothar Scheffknecht. Walter Scheffknecht retired.



A high-efficiency warehousing system was introduced.



Scheffknecht Transporte Ges.mbH. celebrated its 40th anniversary. The AIS fleet management was introduced. As a sign of sustainability, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the company headquarters.

Am Anfang werden mit Pferdefuhrwerken Güter aller Art transportier
Horse-drawn vehicle
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Saurer in the 1960s
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